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Boronia's Labour Day Breakfast

It may have been one of the hottest October days on record, but our Oak Tree Boronia Heights Residents still found a way to keep cool and enjoy themselves this labour day.

In honour of the day - a relaxed late breakfast was hosted in the community centre for all to enjoy, and with a menu to please all residents there were lots of people coming back for seconds, and lingering longer to enjoy the coolness of the air conditioning.

 Many of our residents had been away and it was a great opportunity to catch up with tales of overseas trips and wanderings around the east coast of Australia.

 John & Les compared places visited in Canada as they have both visited in the last couple of months.

 Marlene got to tell tales about the great grandchildren she visited in Sydney in the last couple of weeks.

 Thelma hadn’t seen many of the residents in an age and flitted from table to table catching up on all the gossip.

 It was a very social morning and a lovely relaxed October labour day.


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Labour Day Late Breakfast

Labour Day Late Breakfast

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