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Boronia Heights' Cheap Tuesday Take Aways

Although it has been a little bit cold of an evening lately we still have some brave souls up for a quick easy dinner and chat of a Tuesday night.

Tuesdays is our cheap Tuesday takeaway night. Held in the community centre,  it is an open invitation to anyone in the village who might like to have dinner with a few friends and enjoy a few laughs.

This week's choice of cuisine was fish and chips from a local favourite, but we have been known to order anything from Thai, Pizza, Indian - whatever takes our  fancy at the time.

It is a great place for an easy meal and to catch up on what everyone has been doing in the village.


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Cheap Tuesday group dinners

Cheap Tuesday group dinners

a great way to catch up with everyone

Come if you can make it

Come if you can make it

Invitation open to all residents

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