Yeppoon Directors’ Dinner

Tuesday night saw Franco, Mel and I in beautiful Yeppoon in Central QLD sharing a meal with our residents. We had a great night. One thing I’ll say about the Yeppoon residents – they know how to have a good time! After a hot day we were blessed with a beautiful evening breeze off the ocean – it couldn’t have been more like a resort setting. We were treated to a fabulous BBQ dinner – Franco and I on the BBQ’s and Tarnya (Village Manager) and Melissa (Regional Manager) on the salads, ably assisted by Daphne (one of our residents) and the scene was set for a great feast.

We spent some time telling jokes and discussing what life is like in a village such as theirs. Whilst it means different things to different residents, they were all in unison on one point – it is what you decide to make it. If it is to be it’s up to me…

Franco and I provided an update on the group’s activities – we stressed that our growth needs to allow for us to continue to spend time in, and connect with, our villages and the residents. Apart from the fact that we enjoy this privilege immensely, it’s what we hope defines our group, its values and its future. We believe we are in the people business in every respect, not the real estate business. When the bricks and mortar are taken away, we are left with the people and that’s what’s important to us at Oak Tree.

We’d love the chance to introduce you to the lifestyle Oak Tree can offer. Whilst it may not be for everyone, hundreds of people are making the change for the better and adding years to their lives. What about you? It costs nothing to have  a look.

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