Why we need to believe in Santa Clause

I have four children separated sufficiently in age for the two older boys to know that Santa is not real. Recently I was at one of our villages and mentioned to one of the residents that the older children take much joy in dismantling the Santa story to the younger ones. She insisted that I should attempt to protect the belief in Santa for the younger ones for as long as possible. She told me that Santa instils two of the most important principles in children. Firstly, to help establish the principle that if you have been a good person, you will be will rewarded. Secondly and more importantly, Santa gives up all his time and energy to give to others in return for nothing. He simply receives joy from giving and not receiving. Both great virtues to instil in children.  An invaluable piece of wisdom from a resident – Thank you.  Although if Santa could trim the white beard and lose the out of date red pyjamas it might make my job of ‘continuing to believe’ just a bit easier!