What is a blog?

Hello to all,
My first question to Mark and Tarin when I was asked to contribute to the website with a blog was…”what is a blog?” I read what has been contributed in the past and discovered it’s only a matter of start typing and dribble on about what you do and what is happening around you.  With that in mind, I figured I can do (no I’m not Campbell Newman).

Where does your villa come from? How do we determine what we are going to provide you in the unit, the layout, the fixtures, the finishes? Unfortunately it’s not as easy as one might think. These details are all small, but very important pieces of the puzzle.  When Mark comes to me and says we have a new site we’re looking at it will generally take about 2-3 years to have the villa ready for you to move into. We need to investigate if services are available, discover if the site will flood and if so how to deal with that. We also look at whether or not there are other impediments to us – eg will the rail line beside us cause an issue? Will the nice greenbelt site next door be a fire hazard and if so how far away do we need to be from it to create a safe village?  We meet with the local council to gauge their commitment to a retirement village on that site.  If all these parts fit together, we’ll then look at the surrounding area and determine what type of villa we will be able to offer.  There is  no point building $500,000 villas if the buyers in the area can’t afford them. We’ll meet with our designers, managers, the directors and construction team and have a think tank on the site.  We know by then how many villas we can provide. This meeting determines the shape, size and inclusions. How many one, two or three bedroom villas there will be, the number of bathrooms, a carport or lock up garage etc. These decisions are now getting easier to make as we provide more villages.  We rely on feedback from you, through our managers, regional managers and sales people.  Yes we do listen! Even though the decisions we make now wont see the light of day for up to three years, we do listen and have changed the villa layouts – sometimes even as late as the last day before we are about to pour the first footings! From this point the development application is prepared and submitted to council for approval. After the approval we will prepare all the engineering and construction documents to allow a builder to start on site. Water, power, sewer, drainage and roads go in and then the villa construction begins. Some 12-16 weeks later you move in and take full advantage of the spoils of our labour, and I trust you enjoy!

We are all learning as we go on and I will say it again – without your input about the good and bad of your villa we are unable to keep providing the best around.

Thank you and keep enjoying – apparently I’ll see you next week as well (not sure what it will be as there is only so much dribble one can produce).

Until then


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