What about my future?

A very important survey was undertaken in Australian Retirement Villages a year or so ago – The McCrindle Research Project. The research spanned some 10,600 respondents in Australian Retirement Villages, the largest and most ambitious project in the industry’s history. The project involved residents only – there were no industry experts, scheme operators or other external parties involved. The project responses to specific questions were, and remain, anonymous.

Many of the findings were expected but you may be interested in how various results were ranked. For example, the main drivers to decide on moving to a village are summarised as follows:

  • Declining health
  • Downsizing (maintenance on home getting too much)
  • Security
  • Loss of spouse
  • Declining mobility

Of most surprise to operators like ourselves was the highlight on health issues. Since the findings were released, Oak Tree has been busy engaging with Aged Care providers, specifically groups who specialise in “in home” care. These groups provide a wide range of services to Australian Seniors through federally funded health care packages such as HACS and CAPS. Our vision is to have these groups provide these services directly to our residents as needed – in fact, many of our residents are already benefiting from these services in all of our villages.

As we have moved forward with these needs in mind, we have learnt that many senior Australians, and their families, are unaware of what assistance is available. A simple assessment process is all that is needed to open up a world of opportunity in the area of health care.

Our Oak Tree Village Managers are able to provide a contact point for you with many of these registered groups – we would be happy to facilitate a meeting with care providers in specific areas so as to understand the assessment process and what you may be entitled to receive by way of assistance if you move into one of our villas.

Of course there’s a lot more to life in one of our villages – ease of access, companionship, maintenance-free living and more time to call your own are just a few of the benefits waiting for you. Feel free to contact us and make an exclusive appointment to meet with our Village Manager in the area of your choice.

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