Village AGMs & Meeting The Locals

The end of financial years sees a month plus of auditing both at corporate and village level before we head into reporting. With the financial audit’s now complete we head into the reporting season. For the villages this will mean a visit from our head office staff including possibly our CFO, Operations Manager and some of the key head office staff. A great time for those in the villages to put a face to those behind the scenes and for the head office staff to catch up with familiar faces and meet all new ones. At a corporate level reporting could be described as slightly less exciting with reporting  to various stake holders including the board, shareholders and banks.

In parallel to the above, construction and operational business continues, with the balancing act of keeping both in check over the month often resulting in heavy travel schedules and late nights. This is where country towns come in to their own. It is often a pleasant break to sit for five minutes whilst visiting our regional towns. Mostly it is while taking breakfast or lunch, usually at a café in the main street and guaranteed it takes no time before someone will strike up conversation. Always friendly, the general public of our regional towns always seem much more interested in what is happening in their immediate community. It is easy to see why so many of our residents like to stay in such towns.


Until next time