Grand Opening Dates for New Villages

The demand for affordable, quality retirement homes in regional areas continues to increase as the Australian population ages.

As a leading operator in this area, our business development team works hard to identify the areas where the need is greatest.  Our goal is to service the demand and provide retirees with the choice of remaining in a familiar area with family and friends nearby.

In 2014, our construction team secured planning approval for a vast number of sites along the East Coast.  2015 will see these sites become a reality as construction commences.

As the year progresses, our marketing team will launch the new villages and we will have residents preparing to make the move to a new rewarding Oak Tree lifestyle.

As a flow on from 2014 year end, we already have on our events calendar:

Personally I am looking forward to the many Grand Open Events and meeting the members of the community that will be making the transition to Oak Tree.

Helen Kenniff – Marketing