Townsville then Thailand

Hi all! Back again.

It’s been a busy few days as usual. I am just flying up to Townsville as I write this to check on the progress of the village. We are progressing well with all the civil works and hope to start on the villas by mid June which is great news seeing we put this project back by several months waiting for the wet season to end…and as always the wet season was late this year so we have had a slow start!

I am just about to leave on a golf trip to Thailand on Thursday with a bunch of guys I went to school with. It’s a trip we do every year and its keeps my sanity going for another 12 months. As you all would know there is currently a Coup in Thailand and they have enforced a curfew of 10pm to 5am which, when I thought about it, is quite a relief- at least we will get a decent night’s sleep! It’s the only time that I have to get to play golf these days with family and work commitments.

So I am looking forward to this short break as I know its going to be busy remainder of the year. Until next time, – take care and bye for now.


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