Toowoomba Stage 2 Released

The weekend just gone saw us host another Open Weekend at our Toowoomba retirement village. In excess of 100 people visited the site over the 2 days which was terrific – the weather held out for us and our guests which made the weekend all the more enjoyable.

Our main aim of the weekend was to showcase 14 new villas, several of which had already been sold. The design was new for us and the overwhelming response from our visitors was very positive. Our construction team had done a great job to meet the deadline, although there was lots of touch ups, straightening and sweeping late Friday afternoon!

As usual, our Toowoomba residents turned on the hospitality, treating visitors to an extensive array of food and drinks as well as offering first hand advice and support to contemplating visitors. It occurred to me on my way home late Sunday afternoon how important our residents are in our business – in fact, they are our business. There is nothing more satisfying to the Oak Tree team than seeing our residents exuding pride in their village, supporting each other and creating communities. We are grateful to all of them and delighted that they have chosen Oak Tree as their home.

Over the coming weeks we will host Open Days in Tamworth, Armidale and Orange which will see us busy on the road. If you are living in those areas we’d love you to come and see what’s on offer. The prospect of introducing new people to our lifestyle never gets boring. Can’t wait!

Until next time

Warm regards

Mark Bindon – Managing Director