Toowoomba Resident

My home at Oak Tree Village Toowoomba has all the space and facilities I need and it is a pleasure to invite guests in to visit with me. I can entertain my family and friends here as well as enjoy time with my village neighbours.

Our community facilities also offers us a venue for interaction. There is a friendly, easy-going atmosphere throughout the village, the residents are always ready to include you in their social activities and I would say it is that communal spirit that keeps us all so vital.

Making the move has been a positive experience for me and each day I feel our community grows closer together. I believe we are all truly interested in each other’s wellbeing and this is evident in the concern shown when illness or worse occurs. I appreciate being part of this caring community.

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Rita recently featured in our resident testimonial campaign and now features across a number of our marketing media. You may recognise Rita on a pull up banner or brochure.





If you are considering a move in the new year, our friendly village managers are here to help. We look forward to seeing you.

Melissa Luck