Toowoomba, now Yeppoon!

Toowoomba had hosted a second Open Day over the weekend which was a success from many standpoints. We took a deposit on a villa from an interstate buyer looking to move closer to family who are based in Toowoomba. Next week we are off to Yeppoon to conduct a public meeting at the Town Hall to provide an overview and information on the second Yeppoon village, aptly named ‘Oak Tree Capricorn Coast.

Generally our residents come from close proximity to our villages. This makes sense when one thinks about it…it’s close to people’s doctors, their favourite shops, their friends and their favourite pass times.  But of course being near family is an important aspect for many residents, particularly if a spouse has been lost. Loneliness plagues many of our seniors and we at Oak Tree are focused on breaking down loneliness through the opportunity to interact with others in a non confronting way.

Sometimes though, people may need to relocate away from their current town or city to another part of the country where family currently resides. This can be a difficult process but one made much easier through the knowledge that Oak Tree understands the challenges experienced. The great aspect though is that once settled, residents can spend quality time with family on a consistent basis.

Whatever you circumstances, we believe we can make a difference to your life for the better. Hundreds have already done this…When will you make the move?

Until next time,
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