Toowoomba Community Centre Takes Shape

I headed up to Toowoomba this morning to catch up with some of our new residents and see how things were progressing with the new Community Centre. We were welcomed to a substantial frost but a glorious cloudless day and a Community Centre with its roof now on. This means that the ensuing work can proceed at pace and meet our target of completion by the end of July. Our Toowoomba residents will then be able to enjoy a state of the art centre, all-weather bowling green and a pool for the ‘icebergs’. These really will be great facilities for all to enjoy – the centre will be the epicentre of the village where many great friendships will be formed and lots of laughs had. I always enjoy visiting our villages and watching residents start new activities and pastimes – many of them will try new activities they never contemplated in their previous lives. This is of course one of the great benefits of carefree living in an Oak Tree village.

It was great talking to some of the new residents this morning. Some of our new residents moved in and realised they had old friends who had moved in the week before! This is another great benefit of this style of living where people have the chance to reconnect with old friends, and colleagues who in many instances may have had relationships from any years earlier. Most of our residents come from the immediate area so its likely old acquaintances and friendships will be rekindled.

There are of course many other benefits to Oak Tree village living – for an overview of these, why not call in and speak with one of our sales team and take a casual tour around the facilities and villas.  You wont look back.

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