The world of finance at Oak Tree

In this weeks blog I though it appropriate to follow on from last week and talk about the other area’s we service through finance.

By far the biggest additional area is construction and projects. Each new site undergoes a rigorous pre-site selection with many criteria required to be met before it is even considered. Once short listed the project will be modelled to ensure it can be completed on a viable basis before being submitted to an appropriate funder.

Funding approval may require several scenario and sensitivity checks.

Once through funding the site will be submitted for board approval. With the green light given the project will commence.

Finance assist along the way in a project to track costs and progress and with the monitoring of ratios and compliance for building licenses etc.

Further the finance team prepare and facilitate the annual audit of the Corporate group accounts as well as the monthly accounts throughout the year for stakeholders including the board. There are also many other areas such as ground lease reviews, payroll tax, FBT, GST and PAYG which require either facilitation and/or detailed information from the finance team.

This rounds out the many area’s that Finance cover off at Oak Tree.

That’s all from me for awhile. But I’ll keep in touch.


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