The right move

Moving into the Oak Tree Retirement Village at Toowoomba was a lifestyle choice for Stephen and Robyn Beasley who wanted to age with independence and dignity without placing a burden on their children.

When Stephen retired from the Gatton Campus of the University of Queensland the couple were keen to downsize while they were still young enough to make new friends and embrace a different way of life.

They had been looking at retirement villages for quite a while and were impressed by the ethos of the Oak Tree Group. “We liked the mature way they kept in touch without hounding us,” Robyn said.

“For us retirement village living is all about safety, security and companionship. You are not buying real estate in the hope that it will make lots of money up the track. “Going into a retirement community provides peace of mind and, at the end of the day, you cannot put a price on that.”

Throughout their married life Stephen and Robyn had been a single income family concentrating on educating three bright children. “We could only afford to make one move and it had to be the right one,” Robyn said.


“Becoming part of Oak Tree was definitely the right decision and it is something we have done for ourselves as well as our children. “The two who live overseas don’t have to feel guilty that their lives have taken them somewhere else and our son who moved back to Australia doesn’t have the worry of caring for us. “Our children know that we are safe and secure and happy.”

Stephen and Robyn do a fair bit of travelling and when visiting America are often gone for up to 10 weeks. “When you live in your own home you can’t expect the neighbours to collect your mail and water your garden for that length of time,” Robyn said.

“Here at Oak Tree it is turn the key and go. The mail will be collected, the garden will be maintained and when we walk back in the door our villa will be just as we left it.”