The Oak Tree Recipe

On a recent trip to NSW Central West and Hunter I was amazed at how Oak Tree personnel are able to almost use the Vulcan mind meld and arrive at places simultaneously. We think the same way about making projects work whilst always having residents comfort and lifestyle in the forefront of our thoughts. From the MD to our part time student architect, it seemed to me that we really have fantastic communication skills. I am always thinking of food and so came up with the Oak Tree recipe below. Enjoy.

Len Torti


  1. Planning – Allow for one time schedule.
  2. Design – 1/2 Dozen consultants, preferable well matured.
  3. Cost Plan – One Quantity Surveyor, one accountant, a pinch of experience and a modicum of instinct.
  4. Site Preparation and Services – An Electrician, a Plumber and a Dirt Excavator.
  5. Villas – One builder and a hoard of happy helpers.
  6. Gardens – Plants, soil and many hands for light work.
  7. Presentation – Spit and polish, keen eyes, white gloves and a welcome smile.



  1. Submit plan and design for approval prior to attempting execution of plan.
  2. Review approval. Cross T’s and  dot i’s. Add a pinch of inquiry for zest and negotiation for spice.
  3. In a bank combine the design, planning and costing into a thick soup and try for flavour. Once flavour is acceptable deconstruct into usable parts.
  4. Divide parts into small parcels and distribute for reassembly.
  5. Layer upon layer beginning with your dirt excavator build a retirement village to be proud of.