Stay Mobile & Independent at Oak Tree

Nothing screams freedom and independence more than the open road and having the ability to go where we want, when we want, but as we age our skill and confidence on the road can falter and it is not uncommon for seniors to feel a sense of isolation when self- driving is no longer an option.

Whether our residents still drive, have never driven, or wont be driving for much longer, Oak Tree offers transport options to help residents maintain their independence and connectivity now, and as they continue to age.

Oak Tree Villages are located close to public transport by way of a bus or train system and are centrally located to town and all major amenities keeping travel time affordable and convenient.

In majority of villages, a village bus service is also available and does regular trips in and around town to major shopping centres and day trips for social activities.

The inclusion of a village bus is all part of how we try and make life easier for our residents, giving them mobility without relying on their family/friends or paid services all of the time to give them a lift.

We believe convenient transport is important in giving seniors a sense of ownership and freedom in their lives and the Oak Tree Village bus service is an easy way for residents to get out and be social, rather than sitting at home alone.

Oak Tree Armidale have recently received their new bus and the residents have been making good use of it. Their latest trip was to Oak Tree Tamworth to meet up for morning tea. It’s easy to stay on the move at Oak Tree.