Seeing is believing

One of my main roles, as part of the marketing team, is to manage the Oak Tree website. And since the “new” site has gone live our Managers have been diligently working away writing little stories or notations to keep us all abreast on what has been happening at village level recently. We’ve been sharing many of these stories with you on our various News pages, as well as via links from our home page.

In just a few short weeks I’ve been delighted to see quite a collection of interesting tales told. Sharing stories not only helps our various Village Managers to see what else is happening in other villages that they can then try and implement in their own, but it helps us as a community of villages to get to know each other, and more importantly, for you to get to know us.

When I am writing marketing copy, it is all very well for me to sit here writing flowery prose telling you how good life will be for you when you move to Oak Tree – but there is nothing tangible in that. It is just my word. Yet our stories, and corresponding photos, help me make the point more tangible. When I say our community centres are a social hub of activity where friendships are formed – this is actually the truth, as our news stories will relate. More so, our news stories are updated weekly, for every village, to impress upon you once more that there is always activity, of some form, occurring at our villages – just as our marketing prose would suggest. We are a group of real villages, filled with real people, enjoying a real, carefree way of life.

I’m always really happy to learn of our residents’ activities – be they quiet games of cards in the community centre as we read last week in Yeppoon, exercise regimes in the car park to keep fit and healthy as we hear about at Goodna this week, lovely big hearted souls who donate to the needy as we heard about in Park Avenue, or the exciting adventures to Canada as we all heard about recently when a couple of Boronia Heights residents took a trip of a life time. These are real stories about people who have made the move to Oak Tree and are reaping the benefits and enjoying their retirement years.

As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words. We have an amazing group of residents at Oak Tree who have all achieved so much in their lifetime. Their happy pictures make us all very proud.

Come and see for yourself what all of our residents are smiling about – don’t just take my word for it!

Stay safe all…


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