Sail Away

We were recently talking in head office about the importance of recognising the contributions made by our residents across our villages.

In so many ways, residents really do ‘make’ the village – village activities, referrals, assistance at Oak Tree events, caring and looking out for each other, gardens etc…the list goes on.

In recognition of these contributions (and many more) we have decided to launch an initiative that will provide every resident within the Oak Tree family the opportunity to win a trip for 2 on a fabulous cruse for 7 days in Australian waters. There are absolutely no strings attached – you don’t need to buy tickets or pay money. Everyone in theĀ  Oak Tree Resident’s community simply registers their interest with their Village Manager and they then qualify to go into the draw.

There are ways to improve your chances to win this great trip. We would like to reward those residents that assist the group with Open Days, village events and referrals. There will be an opportunity to get additional entries in the draw through a range of initiatives. We will keep the promotion open until November 28th this year at which time we will draw and announce the winning residents – our plan is to engage all the Village Managers and interested residents to phone in from their respective community centres and witness the draw LIVE.

The Village Managers will shortly provide some material for their community centres outlining the details of the promotion.

We would like to extend the promotion to other exotic locations in the future…maybe The Red Centre, Tasmania for the northern residents and the tropical north for our southern residents. We look forward to providing this great trip to one of our lucky residents.

Until next time,
Warm Regards


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