Resident Claims New Lease on Life

In just six weeks of living at Oak Tree Retirement Village in Goodna, Heather Williams feels as though she has a new lease on life and has not felt so “at peace” in years.

“Where I was living before was a larger complex with multiple units – it was loud, busy and I was growing more unhappy by the day,” said Heather.

“As soon as I passed through the gates at Oak Tree, I asked if I could move in straight away.

“It is so peaceful and quiet here with such lovely surrounds.”

Despite her apprehensive son who wanted to make sure his mum was making the right decision, Heather pushed forward and made the move and was surprised to learn how many friends she would make.

“Everyone here is so friendly – when my son came to visit and I walked him thorugh the villa, people were saying hello to me by name,” she said.

“It was too soon yet for me to remember everyone’s names but I felt so happy and I could see my son was adjusting to my new lifestyle – realising it was a good decision after all.”

Heather feels more content living closer to her sister (in Forest Lakes) and is determined to enjoy the social life at Oak Tree.

“You can enjoy the privacy of your own home, or come to the community centre and enjoy the company of others.”

Heather enjoys doing some craft with her new found friends and is looking forward to working in her garden during the cooler months to enter the National Oak Tree Garden Competition.

She is also planning a trip to Townsville in the near future to meet her soon-to-be-born 8th Grandchild.

“Moving to Oak Tree has been wonderful for me – it’s like all of the stress has gone and I can just enjoy myself.”

Oak Tree has limited villas for sale. Enquire today on 1300 137 155.