Property marketing picking up

Perhaps the best property market indicator of all is talking with real estate agents that are working on the ground in local areas. Over the years in all our locations we have forged healthy relationships with many agents as we assist new residents in selling their home to make their desired move into one of our villages.

I can assure you that the conversations today regarding the movement in the property market are quite different from what they were just six months ago. Sales have improved and most importantly the sales prices being achieved are getting closer and closer to the list prices with some achieving full list price. This means that the market has settled and sellers are more realistic about what price can be achieved for their home and also that there are a good amount of buyers out their ready to tap into low interest rates. This combination is all good news for the property market.

Agents have been telling me that their greatest challenge today is getting new listings. They have a healthy number of inspections and the days on market for all new listings is decreasing.

So if you were contemplating getting your home appraised to consider a move into one of our villages now is a pretty good time to start speaking to some agents or call us for some introductions.

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