Preserving our country towns and cities

I spent some time during the week just gone in central NSW and had a good dose of hot weather which is normally reserved for the QLD areas we operate our villages. We had to come back to Brisbane for some cooler weather!

I never tire of visiting country towns where there is a massive need for seniors accommodation and facilities. These places have such rich history which is really a byproduct of the people that have lived and worked there over the years. It’s incumbent on all of us I believe to do what we can to ensure we provide important services to our ageing Australians. This means Councils, politicians, developers, action groups all have to do their bit.

From Oak Tree’s perspective, we are committed to providing retirement villages that ‘hit the mark’ from a number of perspectives:

  • Meeting the mobility needs of our residents
  • Providing access to valuable health and lifestyle information
  • Providing great facilities like pools, community centres and bowling greens
  • Meeting the security needs of our residents
  • Providing an opportunity to share our residents’ past with us and their peers
  • Providing an opportunity to participate in an ever increasing range of activities and pastimes
  • Providing experienced and caring staff in our villages

That’s a lot to deliver on and it’s a challenge we not only relish but actively seek to improve on every day. But seeing is believing and if we have your interest we’d love to take you through what’s on offer in more details in one of our villages.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Until next time

Warm regards


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