One more for 2012

As the sun sets on another year, we’d like to take the opportunity to wish our staff, our residents, our suppliers and builders all the very best for the festive season.

2012 saw us introduce the Oak Tree lifestyle to approximately 60 new residents across the villages. Many of these had been contemplating a shift for some time – in some cases a few years. Many had been watching our newer villages take shape, eagerly waiting to see who might make the move before them. It’s interesting that most of our residents come from within fairly close proximity of our villages and so when new residents come in for the first time, they will often recognise someone that they may have lived close to for many years. It’s comforting in the midst of a move of this scale that there may be a few familiar faces – friendships are then forged or reignited. This is one of the great benefits that the Oak Tree lifestyle offers.

It reminds me of 3 of our residents in Cairns, all widowed and all moved into the village around the same time. They worked out some time later that they had lived very close to each other prior to moving into the village. Friendships were forged and over recent years they have enjoyed each other’s company, not just in the village but all over the world through the travel they have jointly undertaken. What a great story…

Regardless of your beliefs, Christmas should be a time of reflecting on all of the good in life and the gratitude we should feel for living in this great country. It’s also a time for family and friends and we wish you a safe and merry Christmas. We are all excited at Oak Tree with 2013 coming on. We have had unprecedented interest in our villages over the last few months and we look forward to making new homes for people throughout the coming year. Three new villages will be unveiled…Toowoomba, Cardiff in Newcastle and our second Yeppoon village aptly named “Oak Tree Capricorn Coast.”

We’d love the opportunity to show you around one of our villages in 2013. Give us a call at your leisure – we’re there to assist 24/7.

I’ll sign off now until the second week of January with my weekly blog.  I have had quite a bit of feedback (mostly positive!) over the last few months. I’d love the opportunity to update you weekly on what’s happening in 2013. Have a great few weeks.

Warm Regards

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