On the Road to Goondiwindi

This week Christy Mena (from head office) and I headed out to check on the progress at Oak Tree Goondiwindi.

A comfortable four hour drive from Brisbane with a pit stop via the Warwick village where we caught up with Mary O’Neill (Village Manager). This is one of the benefits to developing retirement communities focused in regional towns; with our hub of villages on the Darling Downs consisting of Toowoomba, Warwick and Goondiwindi with plans to commence our second Toowoomba village later this year.

Recent rain has had a huge impact on the landscape, there is nothing like driving a long stretch of road which is green and lush and most importantly without the dust.

This was Christy’s first visit to Goondiwindi, so on our way through town to the village located on Albert Street, we took in all the local sites – the architecture of the impressive Victoria Hotel, the original Art Deco influenced Council Chambers, the memorial park and a walk along the Macintyre River.




Construction within the village is progressing very well with the first of eight villas underway. The dry western heat obviously doesn’t impact the local bricklayers as they forged ahead. We are continuing to renovate the iconic RSL building on site as we look forward to launching our new community centre.

Stay tuned for further updates as we near the launch with a grand open day planned in the coming months.

IMG_9910 IMG_9881








Check in with us next week for an update on the further adventures of Oak Tree.

Melissa Luck