Olympic Community

I dont know about you but I love the Olympics. As a child I watched in awe as athletes from all over the world competed on the world stage. When I was younger the 4 years between Olympics seemed to take an eternity. As an adult though they come around so quickly – it only seems like yesterday that our athletes were in Beijing China. I’ve always admired our athletes who represent our country so well, the great majority relying solely on hard work and determination. Being Australian, and proud of it, helps too!

The Olympics is really a  world community event held over a couple of weeks. If you get a chance to speak with an Olympian, they will invariably say that the Olympic village where the athletes reside has a wonderful atmosphere and community spirit. Apart from the competitive element of the Games, the opportunity to connect with other people is a highlight.

It’s a bit like out villages. People from diverse backgrounds coming to share their experiences in a community environment. It’s also about taking time to reflect on the benefits of living in this great country. As I travel around our villages I am always amazed at how new villas are transformed into homes. Watching people take on new interests for the first time in their lives is also very fulfilling – how can they do this? Because THEY CAN at Oak Tree.

Enjoy the Olympics – if sport’s not your thing then maybe marvel at the fact that we can bring so many people together for a few weeks when our differences are put to one side.

Come and visit us at an Oak Tree Village to see if what we offer appeals to you. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Go the Aussies!
Mark Bindon

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