Oak Tree is growing

Well it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog as we have had our staff sharing the role around so you get to hear from all of our people in their own words. I’ve really enjoyed reading these each week and I hope you have too.

I’ve been busy travelling around the country as usual and we have had some really great events, especially in our new catchments. We have hosted events in Armidale and Tamworth which were very successful – we have many new prospective residents in the system now just waiting for us to complete the very first villas in these locations. It was great to spend some time in the New England area, one of the most picturesque areas in NSW.

We are off to Orange in NSW tomorrow where we have a booked out event to meet with new residents as well as those who are wanting to have their questions answered about the Oak Tree project there which is well underway. Interest from the Orange region has been very strong. It is a wonderful city that badly needs our style of accommodation. I can also disclose that we are well underway in securing a site in Bathurst, just down the road from Orange. It’s a great city also and we can’t wait to bring the Oak Tree product to the lucky people who call that area home.

In a few weeks we will do the same thing in Townsville – I visited the site last Thursday and we will be starting the villas within weeks as civil construction is nearing completion.

I hope to have some other great news next week when we announce the newest of the Oak Tree villages joining  the fold.

All the best


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