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The branding at the entrance may read the same but I can assure you each village is unique and special in its own right.

Yesterday, I spent the morning in our Warwick village. Located on the western fringe of town we have direct access to the Condamine River and a beautiful outlook of surrounding hills.

Sid, one of our delightful characters of the village always tells me ‘living here is like heaven’ and I can see why he feels this way.

An avid gardener, he has transformed his garden into a colourful wonderland and is always on hand to offer guidance to the village support / maintenance crew. He regularly drops a line in the river and comes up with something to show.

‘Since moving we have found more time for us to spend enjoying  ourselves instead of being tied down to the maintenance on the house and gardens in Stanthorpe. Between village events and outside activities we still keep quite busy’.

This folks, is why Oak Tree maintains our regional focus. If we can continue to bring our villages to regional towns and provide a safe place to enjoy and a great place live – then I will be happy and content.

I have a deep connection to our Warwick village, there is sole in the earth and wonderful residents to befriend. I know each and every person and their colourful backgrounds and their positive outlook and hospitality is infectious.

If you are driving out that way I encourage you to pop in and ‘feel’ what we have created.   In the event you are local and want to know more, I invite you to call Amy or myself (any excuse to visit my favourite village).

I hope to meet you soon.

Before signing off, I wish to extend a heartfelt farewell to Christy Mena who has been nurturing a ‘baby acorn’ these past nine months and expecting her second child early April. I will be counting down the days to October when you are officially back on deck and ready to help welcome new residents to Oak Tree Tamworth and Armidale.

Thanks everyone,


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