Nothing like a challenge…

Hi All,

Just getting back into the swing of things and it seems like Christmas eve was only yesterday…there is a buzz around the office with everyone full of energy and ready to take on the year that awaits us.

Everyone appears to be a few kilo’s heavier after the Christmas feasting…and they say that “Christmas calories don’t count!” Whoever made that up forgot that you still have to lose them once you have put them on!

As is the norm in the construction and design department we are busy liaising with councils at present. With most of our villages being in regional areas we get to work with many different councils in different States and it continually amazes me that each council has a different set of rules, and to make matters more complicated, each council operates differently from State to State.  It also surprises me that we need to have a building licence for each State we build in, yet last time I checked I thought we are all in one country!

What challenges my department directly is how some councils are very accommodating with our villages, which makes life easy, yet other councils have rules and regulations which see us jumping through hoops like a 3 ring circus!  These are the obstacles we face and it is all part of our daily grind, the mechanics continually working in the background to get these villages over the line for our residents to move in.

They keep us on our toes and certainly make life interesting…

I will leave you with this…”The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.

Until next time,

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