New Website Live!

Welcome to our new website which has been some considerable time in the making. Tarin has been working feverishly behind the scenes for some months now, diligently collating information as well as working on a brand new look and feel for our site. Our old site has served us well, but as the Group continues to grow its regional presence, we need to ensure it’s well equipped to deal with the increase in interest we expect to experience. We have several new sites that will be commencing in the near future and we want to be able to provide the best information possible in the best presented form.

We know from previous experience that it’s not just prospective residents who are looking at our website. It’s also their respective family and in some instances their friends who are seeking information about what this lifestyle can offer. The challenge is to get the right information out there but at the same time trying to convey what the Oak Tree lifestyle can offer – that’s not easy which is why we like people to come to the villages and see for themselves. There is no better way for someone to see what’s going on than to come to the village, take a tour, meet some other residents and ultimately get a feel for the place. Whilst our villas are very functional for our residents, the lifestyle embraces so much more – so much so that it is really impossible for a website to convey the full story. So…give us a call and come in and see for yourself.

We are excited about our new website – for the first time you will get to meet our managers for all of our villages through our introductory short video – real people there to help real people like you.

I look forward to bringing you some more news from the group in this format – I’ll also have some of our key people writing pieces each week to ensure you don’t get sick of me but more importantly, conveying the passion we have for this business through our staff.

Many thanks must go to Tarin for overseeing this very important development for the Group and also to our web designers E-CBD who pulled out all stops to meet our deadlines.

Until next time,
Warm Regards

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