National Business Development Manager

It was with mixed emotions that I moved on from Oak Tree Kingston (Tasmania) at the end of the year to take up my new role at the Brisbane Head office. The Kingston village is starting to build as a lovely community and I look forward to seeing the continued growth under our new Village Manager, Peter Croswell.

It’s a long way from Kingston to Brisbane. The ferry trip and long drive was tiring but a highlight was overnighting with my parents who are residents of a retirement village in South Western N.S.W.

Having spent a long time working hard on the farm it is great to see Mum and Dad relaxing in a new home and making new friends. They have found that they have a very supportive group around them and really do seem younger and fitter for the experience . For the family, it is great for us to know that they are living in a secure environment with help close at hand if it is ever needed.

For me, the visit with my parents really brought home the realisation that I am so lucky to be working in an industry that changes lives. It’s not about real estate. Rather, we provide facilities that build communities and really do enhance lifestyles in retirement .

I have already been lucky enough to visit a number of our Villages and I look forward to seeing more. There are lots of “Mums and Dads” out there that I am yet to meet and do what I can to make sure that their Oak Tree experience is a good one.

Greg Rayment

National Business Development Manager.