My Health, My Future

Our health becomes a major point of focus as we age. We all remember fondly our years as youngsters, running around seemingly impervious to cuts, bruises and illnesses. As we get older it seems it takes longer to recover from injury and illness. We also become more mindful of our longer term health requirements and how we can access help when we need it. Nowhere is this more relevant than in our own homes – will I be able to look after the house, the gardens, the maintenance and cleaning? What about the front stairs to the house, taking the garbage bins out? What if I get ill and there’s no one to help me? These are all very common questions we ask ourselves as we review our health and age. It’s perfectly natural to give thought to our ability to cope with life’s challenges as the years march on.

We find the vast majority of our residents have come to us having asked themselves these, and other, questions and decided that for them, the time to move is now rather then waiting until they have no choice. Our villages are designed to make life easier for our residents, taking away the need to worry about maintenance and health needs in particular.

As far as our residents” health is concerned, Oak Tree is forging strong relationships with care providers such as Blue Care, Oz Care, Churches of Christ Care and many others who actively provide in-home assistance and care across every suburb and every town in Australia. We can facilitate the provision of services to our residents after moving into our villages in conjunction with these care groups – many of our residents are recipients of these services right now and many weren’t aware that such services existed before coming to us.  If these issues, or simply a quest for a better lifestyle are front of mine for you then please call us. We’d love to show you around one of our villages.

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