Movement In Cairns

Franco, Mel and I were up in Cairns last week as we prepare to commence construction on another 5 villas as well as the long overdue ‘shed’.  The shed will provide additional storage as well as a place to conduct workshop activities for those so inclined.

The Cairns market has been very tight for the last few years. Residential house values were hit hard and the tourism industry has been very tough. This has made it difficult for those people looking to enter our village – they may have seen a material decline in value for their home from prior peaks which has confused many and made the decision problematic.

The good news though is that there has been a measurable improvement in the local Cairns economy. I mentioned to my collegues recently that it was evident on recent trips that the tourism  market has improved and  house values are stabilising.  We have had some new residents move into our village the last few weeks with another two villas going under contract. We will be out of stock again very soon so the need to construct new villas is imminent. It’s great to see the Cairns market picking up – the village is in great shape under Denise’s leadership and Charlie has got the gardens looking fabulous.

If you live in north QLD and have been thinking about a move, please come in and see us at the village. We have some great dispaly villas as well as a number of terrific pre-loved villas for sale for you to inspect.

I enjoyed speaking with some of the residents whilst up there in Carmel’s art class – the inspiration for painting has awalys amazed me and seeing our residents bring ideas to life is gratifying for them and those of us who get to see the results. Keep it up guys!

Until next time.
Warm Regards


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