Meet Daphne

Oak Tree Retirement Village Warwick is home to Daphne who lives in her own 2 bedroom villa with her favourite little dash-hounds Tara and Molly.


“Living at Oak Tree is like living in the country. It has a feeling of peace, happiness, love and lifestyle of its own,” said Daphne.

“I have been here for four years after being the first resident to pay a deposit when the Village opened.

“When you come to the gate the bowling green is on your right then look to the left and you see the lovely Condamine River with the racecourse on the other side.

“There is always someone to chat to when you walk down the street if you have time to stop.

“I enjoy bowling indoor and out, happy hour, morning tea and also the other outings, and I’ve been able to bring my two dogs to the Village to live with me.

“Just make the move, you too will enjoy the lifestyle.”