Making a Difference with Oak Tree

Kate PigramArmidale local, Kate Pigram, is the New England Area Manager for The Oak Tree Group with three growing Villages and a successful team under her Management.

Splitting her time across Oak Tree Retirement Village Armidale, Tamworth and the newly opened Village in Gunnedah, Kate has been forging a fruitful career with The Group since 2013 when Oak Tree was initially moving into the region.

Inspired by the challenge of a start-up Village, Kate was a motivated new recruit proud to deliver affordable, independent accommodation to Armidale seniors with a company known for their high standards and commitment to the retirement industry.

“Oak Tree is a very well run and professional business with multiple villages across the east coast of Australia,” said Ms Pigram.

“I was immediately attracted to the growth opportunity available with Oak Tree and the prominent way in which they value their staff, prioritise the happiness, safety and comfort of their residents, and stick to good old fashioned family values which are well received by the local people.

“I am very much a local and love and appreciate many things about Armidale.

“To be in a situation where I can offer support to local seniors through my work with Oak Tree and do something worthwhile and of value is a huge thing for me,” she said.

Growing up in Armidale, Kate was schooled at St Mary’s Primary School, then Armidale High School before commencing her tertiary career at UNE.

“At the end of a great four years I finished at UNE with a Batchelor of Arts, a Diploma in Agricultural Economics and Diploma of Education.

“I later married and had a family of six children and continued to maintain my working goals at St Alberts College in promotions and later as College Dean.

“My change in career was lead by a phone call from the Managing Director of Oak Tree – Mark Bindon – who just so happened to be an Armidale local and a long term friend of mine from Albies.

“Probably the thing that convinced me to take on this great new challenge was that it came from an Armidale friend so the strong local connection –“the roots” – were already there, and the rest is history as I busy my days across three blossoming villages,” she said.

Oak Tree Retirement Villages offer many great lifestyle benefits and their testimonials highlight this.

“Oak Tree residents love living in a small community with others of a similar age and stage of life,” said Ms Pigram.

“The security that the gated community provides is very reassuring while the quality of the Villas is second to none.

“Residents are able to bring their much loved pets with them, have a garden or veggie patch, relax and socialise, whilst all village maintenance including lawns and gardens is taken care of by Management.

“In additional Oak Tree offers real value for money giving residents the financial freedom to live life through travel, or whatever it is they wish to do in retirement.

“We support health, encourage companionship and mental stimulation, organise new activities and events for residents to participate in and support each individual to live fulfilling, independent lives and enjoy the retirement they deserve,” she said.

In her yeas at Oak Tree Kate has seen the positive growth across the Oak Tree portfolio and continues to forge what she knows in her heart is a meaningful career that does change lives.

For more information about Oak Tree Retirement Villages, contact Kate on 1300 367 155 or visit