Kingston Media Event

Last Friday, Marco, George and I ventured down to Kingston Tasmania to catch up on construction progress as well as attend a ‘Turning of the sod’ ceremony. We were fortunate enough to have the local Mayor Dr Graham Bury and the Minister for Economic Development David O’Byrne on hand to assist us with this important event. There were a number of other attendees including our builders, Craig and Josh, and our current and future residents.

The day was a great success primarily due to the expert organisational skills of our Village Manager Greg Rayment who was  assisted by Tarin back in Head office in Brisbane. Greg was the MC for the event and kept us to a tight time frame as the boys and I had to make the plane or risk staying in Tassie for the weekend! The weather was picture perfect and I for one would have been happy staying for a few extra days.

We talked about the importance of the service Oak Tree is providing to regional Australia and this resonated with the dignitaries. It’s absolutely critical to the welfare of our local communities that retiring seniors can stay in the area they love. If this is not possible then we have let them and ourselves down – they provide the substance to our communities and to lose them to another area is a tragedy.

We can’t wait to start work on the Community Centre and Bowling Green as well as some new villas – it will provide a great impetus to the village and a great facility for current and future residents. I’m sure Greg will provide regular updates for you to follow the progress – make sure you visit and visit the news page.

We never tire of getting around our villages and seeing our residents who provide us the motivation to continue rolling out this important service to our Seniors.
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