Keeping life interesting

Hello, let me introduce myself.  I am Oak Tree’s in-house lawyer and I have been working with Oak Tree for quite a number of years now, mostly sending out large legal documents for our Oak Tree Residents (and their lawyers) to read.

Well as always, Oak Tree likes to keep us involved and I have been asked to contribute my first ever blog – something a little different to my usual legal documents (and luckily for you, a whole lot shorter to read).

So now it is time to bust out my blog moves and spread about some words like blog vegemite on toast.

I contemplated subjects for my first foray into the blog world… ?…could I create a moving inspirational piece (a conversation about community and friendship), or raise a discussion about the recent media talk of increasing the age for retirement to 70, or express my shock over news about the discovery of those three poor women who had been locked away as slaves in the UK for 30 years, maybe I could even impart some legal advice.  But then I started to bore myself.

So lets think circus I say!  I recently tried to find on the internet a decent picture of a circus strong man on a unicycle (as you do).  In doing so, I stumbled upon hundreds of photos of circus performers from many many years ago; tattooed wives, conjoined twin sisters (one had given birth to a baby),  clowns, hairy faced children, extremely tall men standing next to extra tiny men, trapeze men and women, and even a family posing with an elephant.

I spent ages looking at all these amazing photos and…well, the only point to that little circus story is to note that there were some super amazing people in the world.

I am pretty sure that there still are super amazing people (and you could even be living next door to a super amazing person right now).

To me I can imagine the hands down best part of living in a retirement village would be that instant community, that instant pool of amazing people right at your door step, community centre, pool or bowling green – just hanging about with a whole lifetime of experiences to share, laugh and cry about. The new friends you make, the new connections, and the new experiences you share with your Oak Tree neighbours are new adventures in themselves and so many people move to our villages and say, “I wish I’d done this sooner.” Because in a way, not only does life get a bit more carefree at Oak Tree, it can get a a whole lot more interesting!

(My personal dream would be to have a family with an elephant living next door).

That is my quirky post for the week. Until next week.


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