More than just a retirement home

Moving into a Retirement Village is about more than just a new home, it’s about the complete lifestyle experience that comes with it and life at Oak Tree Retirement Village Goondiwindi is set to get even better as the Village commences new activities and welcomes their onsite hair dresser to the team.

Commencing every Monday at 10.30am is the ‘Monday Morning Craft Circle’ held in the Village Centre.

Local seniors are welcome to join in the fun whilst sitting in air conditioned comfort, and state of the art community facilities, sharing morning tea and hours of creative crafting from knitting, card making, and quilting – whatever takes their fancy.

This activity is being introduced to give local seniors the opportunity to meet new people, keep mentally active and engage in life.

Having a variety of social activities in our Villages is an important part of our lifestyle experience and our pledge to help combat social isolation and loneliness amongst seniors.

Retirement communities bring like-minded people of a similar age and a similar stage of life together and create a common ground for residents to connect and socialise with one another.

Those who have the made the move to Oak Tree attest to the fact that their social lives have improved and that the friends they have made have helped them to feel happier, more motivated and less lonely.

All activities are coordinated within the Village Centre making it convenient for residents to ‘pop on over’ and be involved as little or as much as they wish on a day to day basis.

Oak Tree Goondinwindi also offers the convenience of their own onsite hair dressing service and welcomes Jenny Crotty to the team who will be operating from the professional hair dressing salon in the Village Centre.

Jenny owns her own hairdressing salon in Texas but will be attending the Village on Mondays from 10am-2pm offering both hair and masseuse services to residents.

Residents love the convenience of having these activities and services on their back door step and it all comes part in parcel with the purchase of a brand new home and our low maintenance way of life at Oak Tree Goondiwindi,

To join in the Craft Circle, or for a tour of the Village, please contact me on 1300 367 155.

Hope to see you here!

Marian Doyle.