It’s getting cold other there

It feels that winter has arrived a little early in Brisbane.  I swear when I woke up on the weekend the temperature had simply changed overnight as if someone had simply flicked on a giant cold switch.

Having spent several years in Tasmania whilst freezing my way through university, I am pretty sure our Tassie residents at Oak Tree Retirement Village Kingston would laugh in the face of a Brisbane ‘cold day’ (and would probably be down at the beach enjoying the 21 degree temperature).

As we welcome this cooler weather we can look forward to pulling out the comfy less flattering attire (hello beige wool boots, track pants and jumpers), having an even greater appreciation for the sunshine and enjoying a hot meal and red wine with our neighbours.

Our residents can also all venture into our heated community centres where they can spend lazy afternoons busily distracted by whatever social activity that is taking place – be it cards, puzzles, a community meal, trivia night, you name it. It might get cold – but our residents sure will be comfortable.

Stay warm all….


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