Hunter Valley Expansion To Continue

This week we head down to the wonderful Hunter Valley region of NSW to catch up on the progress of our new projects currently being assessed by local councils.

With our Cardiff village sold out, we look forward to bringing Boolaroo and Rutherford on stream in a few months’ time. We are also looking at another future opportunity in the Hamlyn Terrace area.

The Hunter Valley is an amazing place to live and retire. Not only does it offer some of the best beaches and lakes in Australia, it also has some of the best winegrowing country as well! All of this and only an hour or so up the road from Sydney; it really does offer an amazing lifestyle alternative

We are very excited about Oak Tree expanding its presence in the Hunter Valley. Like all of our projects, the new Hunter Valley villages will be relatively smaller in size than industry averages. We believe a village should be small enough to feel like your voice is heard.

Being smaller doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fabulous facilities…our villages are well appointed with facilities, just like our villas.

Stay tuned as we move toward the next phase of our Hunter Valley expansion. If you’re local, why not consider Oak Tree as an option to live in the area you love without the maintenance headaches. If you are from outside of the Valley, maybe think about a change that can really afford you some of the best attributes in regional Australia.

We look forward to our future in the Hunter Valley and invite you to consider the Oak Tree options.

Until next time
Mark Bindon