History in the Making

Being assigned to post a blog was daunting to say the very least. My immediate instinct was how do I get started, what topic or idea will set me apart from the other blogs, think Paul, THINK!!

Just write the first thing that “pops” into your head my wife told me. So here we are 55 “pops” later, I’m thinking………What does BLOG even stand for!!! Then the penny dropped – Batch, Len, Olivia, George (aka BLOG). I single these boys and girls out as they are my direct working colleagues. They and others (too many to mention) have made me very welcome into the Oak Tree House.

I joined the Oak Tree team in May this year (some people now refer to this time as MAYhem) to assist with the development process of village sites in Queensland. I love the variety, delivering solutions, the commitment and collaboration of everyone involved, all of which make the development process productive and a rewarding environment.

As a team member I feel very supported here and have found my perfect fit.

Branch out with Oak Tree……….I have, so why don’t YOU.


Paul Ferguson – Development Manager