Happy Green Thumbs

See update at bottom

Right now as I write this some of the best minds in the business  are pondering over who should win the Oak Tree National Green Thumb Competition.

Now in its second year of running, the Garden Competition sees residents across all of our villages prune, seed, water, plant, mulch, fertilise and showcase their best gardening guru secrets to get their gardens, court yards and patios looking their best in the bid to win one of three $300 Bunnings gift vouchers.

And with close to 50 amazing entries to sift through – our judges have their work cut out for them.

What are they looking for you might ask? Well there are three awards up for grabs.

1: Oak Tree’s Happiest and Proudest Green Thumb
2: Oak Tree’s Best Patio/Court yard garden
3: Our overall favourite garden

We have gardens of all shapes and sizes throughout our Oak Tree Villages. Some are small courtyards, or simple patios, others are more spacious offering more yard. Either way, if our residents like to garden, we certainly like to encourage them!  Some love huge splashes of colour and plant perennials, others love pots and sculptures, and several love rockeries and natural grassy areas – whatever their preference, all attributes are taken into account during the judging process, and as always, we are thrilled to see the amount of effort and pride our residents put into their gardens. Anyone walking around our villages will no doubt testify it is our residents labour of love in their gardens, that transform our villages into homes.

A big thank you from head office to all who participated. I think you all should be very proud of yourselves. Watch this space and links to the news section as we announce the winners soon!

UPDATE! The winners have been announced! Congratulations to the 2013 Oak Tree Green Thumb Winners

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