Goondiwindi trip to Toowoomba

Regional Area Manager Mary O’Neill and Village Manager Marian Doyle took a car load of “soon to be” Oak Tree Goondiwindi residents to Oak Tree Toowoomba for the day to show them a taste of the “good life!”

Oak Tree Retirement Village Goondiwindi is the first of its kind to market in the Goondiwindi region so this was an educational exercise for the ‘soon to be residents’ to see a fully grown village community in full swing. And in full swing it was!

The Goondiwindi guests were welcomed to the Village with open arms and were greeted by Oak Tree staff – Village Manager Sharon McManus, together with Cameron Goffage and Kate Erbs from head office, along with many Oak Tree Toowoomba residents who were happy to share their positive Oak Tree stories.

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Over a divine gourmet burger lunch, our guests took great pleasure in mingling and chatting with their new Toowoomba friends, and later were shown through the Village and some of the villas.

Over all the feedback was extremely positive, says Mary.

“It was a great opportunity for our new comers to see the different styled villages and villa designs, meet some new people and hear the inspiring stories of other fellow residents.

“Our Goondiwindi tribe, never having seen another retirement village before, could visibly see how happy the Toowoomba residents are, they could see the many lifestyle benefits on offer, and this helped to reaffirm their decision to make the move to Oak Tree. They could genuinely see it as the best decision moving forward.”

Big thanks goes to the Toowoomba Village for hosting the lunch and to all of the Toowoomba residents who participated in the lunch and shared their stories.

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Oak Tree Goondiwindi will be welcoming three new residents to the Village in the coming couple of months.

We look forward to welcoming you home!