Giving reason to smile

I am fortunate in my role as Regional Sales Manager, that I have the opportunity to engage with our residents when I travel to our villages and new development sites.

Quite simply there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that goes with age, whether through the employment long haul, adaption to changes in technology or even raising a family.

Whatever the background, the conversations often have a similar scenario, the dreams they have for their retirement years, things like reading the classics on the porch, tinkering with the tools in the shed and taking the old cruiser out on road trips.  In essence, they dream that retirement is for taking it easy and doing the activities that make you smile…

The difference is that Oak Tree residents are doing just that, smiling, while other seniors are still faced with the daunting task of activities such as carrying washing up and down stairs, clearing leaves from the gutters around the house and maintaining the big garden.

At Oak Tree maintenance becomes a thing of the past, with our Village Manager appointed to oversee all things communal and our facilities built to encourage less work and more play.

I am proud of the offering that Oak Tree provides and enjoy the fact that in my role, I am making more Australian seniors smile!

Until next week,

Melissa Luck

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