Gary’s dribble

Me again! The word is, at least amongst the office, that I was successful in posting my first informative blog last week. Now for this week’s edition of Gary’s dribble…and something a bit different.

In my time working at Oak Tree I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of Oak Tree residents, or prospective residents at open days and marketing events. It has never escaped my attention that everybody has their own stories, their own events that have helped shape them as a person, even their own personal battles that they have fought through, are fighting through or are expecting to tackle sometime in the future. It is called being human. The quest to fight an uphill battle happens to each of us in one way or another at some point. And sadly, this tends to happen a little more often as we get older, and particularly, as health deteriorates.

It is during these times that you need a supportive network around you and others who can step in and help carry the burden in whatever way they can.  And this point alone is one of the best benefits a life at Oak Tree can offer you. Whether you are alone, or with your spouse, there are always others in the village who you can turn to when times turn a little rough. There is always a sympathetic ear and a friendly face not far away. There is always a close neighbour or two who will keep a close eye out for you when the need is there. And most importantly, there is always someone around to help cheer you up, dust you off and remind you of all that is still good in your life. Among many great benefits that Oak Tree offers – the support and companionship available here is second to none.  We’ve all seen residents move to our villages and their whole demeanor change purely because their social and supportive network has improved.

That’s something to think about wouldn’t you agree?

You’ll all be happy to hear you can listen to George’s ramblings next week!




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