For Mum & Dad

As retirement villages have become more popular, and more widely accepted as positive lifestyle choices over the past decade, it is most interesting to notice the positive changes in attitudes of not just the over 55 age demographic, but the changes in attitudes of the sons and daughters of our prospective residents.

We learnt very early on in the game that predominately we don’t sell to 72 year old Joan and her husband Fred, but in fact to Joan and Fred’s children who are looking out for mum and dad’s best interests.

At the recent open day in Burpengary on the weekend we welcomed a large number of prospective residents through our village for a look around. I would say a good half of these people came through with their families. Talking to many of the family members their seemed to be a notable shift in their understanding. A shift that realises this is a decision about what is best for Mum and Dad’s wellbeing and happiness NOW – not so much about personal needs, wants and future gains.

It is such a breath of fresh air when we are talking to family members who actually get it! Oak Tree Retirement Villages offer so many benefits from low maintenance living, through to security, companionship, affordability, social activity, facilities and services in their own back yard, emergency call services, pet friendly policies Рthe list goes on. And as we do our sales spiels, we can see it dawning on the faces of our attentive audiences Р our benefits go beyond our residents reaching out to the sons, daughters and families as well. There is the realisation, and the peace of mind that comes with that realisation, that Mum and Dad can still be happy, independent, safe and sound in a retirement village.

And isn’t that what we all want for our Mums and Dads? It should be. It is great to be witness to families who look out for one another. Thanks for attending the open day all. You made me smile.

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