Food, glorious food!

Marco and I had the privilege of hosting the Director’s luncheon at our Goodna village last week. The idea is that the boys and I take the opportunity to give back to our residents and recognise their importance to us. We also get to see residents who we often miss on our visits – they may be working, on holidays or off with family. A number of these events are scheduled over the next month or so in our villages and are a highlight for us.

We had a great day enjoying some lasagna and salad as well as a famous Italian dessert – Tiramisu. For those who don’t know, Tiramisu translated literally means ‘pick me up’. It occurred to me that this was how I felt on arriving at the village yesterday. Why?

There are in fact a number of reasons and it’s the same feeling I get when going into all our villages. It’s about the gardens and landscaping, especially when we see the ‘residents’ touch’. In our Goodna village we have a very active residents group that works on the gardens. I must make mention of Gaylene and Judy who really drive the process there with a real sense of ownership. The results are amazing and to see all the residents taking pride in their village is very moving. It’s also about the sense of community¬† through the enjoyment of a meal together. The smiling faces, the warmth, the gratitude all make it special for us. The weather always helps too and recently it has been no exception – beautiful Queensland weather.

We really do take pride in our villages – I must make mention of our management team at Goodna who are doing an amazing job….John, Marlene & Czaba – Well done!

A big thank you to all of our Goodna residents for making our Director’s luncheon a great day.

Speaking of gardens, if you look in our News section you will see  a piece on the recent award our Rockhampton (Park Avenue) village won. More on this from me next week.

Until then…
Warm Regards


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