Food for thought…

Lately there has been a fair amount of discussion being had around bullying.  The issue of bullying has made its presence on the news, social media, or discussions over a beer at the pub.  Even the government has weighed in on anti-bullying sentiment by enacting new laws providing powers to prevent and handle bullying in particular corporation workplaces.

What I find interesting is that the concept of the bully appears to have evolved beyond the cliché individual tough guy punching kids in the face regularly in the school yard to a whole cultural concept of unacceptable behaviours extending to whole groups of people.

This broader concept means that to stop bullying not only should we be looking to our own behaviours and ensure that we do not engage in bullying activity ourselves but we should also take to account the groups we form part of and their potential for creating cultures of bullying activity.

We hope and encourage that all our Oak Tree residents are dedicated to setting the anti-bullying sentiment bar high and may provide a shining example of Retirement Village culture as leaders in creating a bully-free lifestyle. After all life is short and we should all be focused on enjoying ourselves.

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