End of financial year

Happy new financial year and welcome to my first blog. Mark has done a great job writing our weekly blogs and has asked me to join in the fun.

The end of the financial year is a busy time of the year for some of us as it’s time to collate all of your paperwork and accounting records for tax returns and other year-end financial duties. It’s perhaps this chore that in part is attributable to the months of July through to September being recognized as the biggest selling months of the year in our industry. Why so? Well I believe it is due to a couple of reasons. Firstly, the end of financial year forces us to revisit budgets. On revisiting budgets it can highlight to seniors the actual cost of maintaining their home. We all know that homes require constant maintenance and upkeep and when you have retired and are no longer working, this cost burden can impact on limited funds. People, therefore, start seeking out alternate, more cost effective options. One of these, of course, is a retirement village where a carefree lifestyle can be enjoyed free from the financial burden of maintaining ones home, not to mention the many other benefits.

The other more straight forward answer is that people tend to retire at the end of financial year and  look at super fund contributions and/or withdrawals at this time. In doing so, it is only natural to contemplate a lifestyle change to be surrounded by people who are at the same stage in life.

Whatever the reason, we are looking forward to a busy July through to September and welcome you to come for a look around our villages. Sit down with our team and see for yourself how you can benefit from our easy and cost effective lifestyle.

Also if you have an insight as to why this time of year is so busy for our industry, we’d love to hear from you.

Until next blog

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