Easter is Here!

It seems incredible that Easter is here already. We have been extremely busy since Xmas with new villages starting, new residents moving in and preparations in full swing for some other new villages we are hoping to launch during the year. Easter is a great time to regroup with family and friends. We know from our work in the industry that it is also a time to reflect on our stage in life and where we are going. Many residents have told me over the years that it’s time with family that helps them come terms with a potential move, especially into a retirement village. It’s a big decision and it’s nice to have support around when considering a move of this magnitude.  Easter can be that time, considering the many issues associated with a move.

Our role is to assist people through this process by being accessible and providing as much information as we can to help with this decision. There’s nothing like coming to the village, walking through the villas and seeing the facilities to help this process. If it can be done with the family, even better.

I was reminded of my own limitations over the weekend. I was chasing my youngest daughter and felt my knee give way…nothing too serious but a reminder nonetheless that I’m not physically the person I was 20 years ago! I stopped to think that this is the case for all of our residents and in fact all human beings. Realising our limitations is not a failing but rather an opportunity to make material changes that will improve our lives.

At Oak Tree our ambition is to change lives for the better. Come and visit with us at one of our villages to see how.

Wherever you are over the Easter break, stay safe, especially if you are travelling.

I’ll be back next week!

Warm Regards

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