Continual Improvement

This week, the senior management and construction teams converged on our Toowoomba village for a construction workshop. The full day event provided an opportunity for all departments of the company to come together and openly discuss the challenges they face respectively and discuss opportunities to improve our offering in future developments.

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We heard from the planning and development team, our project managers and of course the village managers and sales people who are at the coal face working with our residents and potential residents.

It takes many Indians to build a village and I am proud to work for an organisation who does not claim to know everything and be reluctant to change.

I believe our point of difference at Oak Tree is that we are always refining and improving our product to meet the feedback provided by our residents and the wider community.

If you are visiting the Darling Downs this weekend, I invite you to join us for a look around the Toowoomba village on Saturday or Sunday 9am to 1pm.

We are in the final stage with only a handful of homes available. Located on Baker Street, we neighbour the University and have an amazingly vibrant community of residents which we love to share and show off!

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Director Mark Bindon will be there too (not sure if that’s a draw card for you!).

I look forward to sharing an update on our Bathurst development next week.

Feel free to call us on 1300 367 155 if you want to learn more about Oak Tree.



Melissa Luck